Tapping Therapy - EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques

Sara illig, an expert EFT tapping practitioner, draws on nearly 3 decades of experience in energy psychology and the healing arts. 

She has been offering tapping as a part of her services since 2005 with astounding results.

Her specialties include anxiety, depression, trauma, relationships, self-esteem, and phobias.


Here’s what others say:


“…My experience with her helping me with EFT was like no other. 

She is spot on with what she says and sometimes we even laugh – while doing hard emotional work.”


“As an EFT practitioner, a session with her felt equivalent to 6 sessions of talk therapy.”


“…She is very gifted at getting to the root of one’s issues and helping to create a true transformation…. 

She really helped me overcome deep trauma and pain. “