Getting your business listed here:

Gold Plan Exclusive Ride Share Recommendations Program!

Details & What you get!
$ 399 Billed up front for a six month minimum agreement or 499 a month.
  • You get everything the Silver plan covers plus:
  • For as little as 399 per month billed every six months or pay only 499 per month.
  • We guarantee a minium of a 1000+ word of mouth recommendations exposures each month!
  • We limit your business type for your area!
  • We give each passenger a marketing pen, and 4-5 pieces of marketing material to give to their friends and family!
  • We send our passengers with our personal recommendations to our unique special landing page for this program!
  • Help us grow and earn extra money!
  • For every new member you help us enroll in our programs, you will receive 100% of one month of their fee they sign up for!

Platinum Plus Plan

Details & What you get!
$ 799 Monthly - Save 100 per month, if paid annually!
  • You get everything the Silver and Gold members get!
  • This is for a very limited number of business, because your offer/coupon will be on our home page!
  • When someone clicks on your coupon, it takes them to your custom landing page with all your information!
  • Help us grow and earn extra money!
  • For every new member you help us enroll in our programs, you will receive 100% of one month of their fee they sign up for!

Ask us about our custom videos!

  • We offer upscale videos with your voice or one of our custom voices. 
  • We offer these at reduced prices, compared to industry pricing!
  • Coming soon! 
  • We under promise and overdeliver! 
  • We use word of mouth ride share driver recommendations to a 1000+ people each month!
  • We give them one marketing pen.
  • We also give them 4-5 pieces of marketing materials so they can give to their friends and family! 
  • Even though we are guaranteeing a 1000+ word of mouth exposures and recommendations each month, we plan on achieving 2-3 times that much over the next year of your program! 
  • We manage your marketing!
  • Using the power of co-op marketing, the website gets a lot more traffic, with the power of it. Every time someone comes to the site, either to the home page or to a specific page, with our menus and search capabilities all business listening’s have the potential of being seen.
  • Because of this platform, instead of your budget amounts for marketing only yourself, the  more members, the more money that will be going to promote this site/platform.
  • We continually study the current trends and changes that happen on a regular basis.
  • We do the work, and stay up to date on all of that, so you can focus on your business and making money!
  • That’s why for a lot less per month, your business can have more exposure each month.
  • We will use many other marketing outlets, like Google, Facebook, Re-marketing campaigns, plus as we grow we will use other medians also, like radio, TV, billboards. We do target the local areas for each city and or zip codes.
  • We will have a YouTube channel with videos about the site and the businesses on the site popping up regularly.
  • We plan on going nationwide over time.
  • We ask all members to  share the site with other people each month to help spread the word.
  • We continue to study and learn about marketing tools and services and weed through the platforms and services available to make the site more SEO optimized.
  • We have tools and systems we currently use.
  • This platform is based on a simple concept: Win, Win, Win! To us it means not world wide web, but Win Win Win! If the consumer wins, the business owner wins, and if both of those exist, then we win! It has to be that way! We all win.
  • Our goal is to make it the best affordable advertising and marketing platform around. We also want our members to stay in, because it’s working!
  • We constantly stay on top of current trends in marketing!
  • We continue to learn all the changes in advertising platforms, like Google, Facebook, and others!
  • We use many tools to optimize the site on regular basis.
  • We use a portion of the money collected from our members and promote their local areas.
  • We will over time spend more and more on internet marketing, radio, TV and other advertising platforms.
  • We continue to study:
  • Current google advertising.
  • Facebook marketing.
  • Video software creation.
  • Graphic creation software.
  • Website design and functions, from the front end, to the powerful back end!
  • AI tools and software for marketing and automation.
  • We own and use many different marketing tools to help get the best results with online marketing!
  • We continue to learn and compare all the different types of tools that are available. 
  • We have our members pledge to share this site with their friends and  family monthly.
  • We track traffic to our site on a regular basis.
  • We will constantly update and improve this site to make it user friendly and continue to Optimize it.

Silver Plan

Details & What you get!
$ 166
Billed Annually or 200 Monthly
  • For as little as 166.67 per month billed annually or pay only 200 per month.
  • You will receive your own unique landing page about your business!
  • Links to your website!
  • Pictures of your business!
  • Details about your business and hours!
  • Location and a map if waned!
  • Your menu and QR code listed!
  • We only list one business type for each zip code!
  • Custom Videos coming soon as an option!
  • Just like going to the grocery store with a list of things to buy, then walking out with more items than you intended!
  • The more businesses here, the better for your business and the consumers. Because more money is used to promote this site and the businesses listed here, which means more opportunity for more views to your page!
  • For every new member you help us enroll in our programs, you will receive 100% of one month of their fee they sign up for!