This page is for continuing updated training and information for marketing reps!  I will keep updating the info as needed. 

I like the idea of the initial introduction:


  • We have a unique business expansion program! (As a business owner, that would get my attention!) Being different and unique will help us a lot. 
  • It is based on word-of-mouth local business recommendations! 
  • I can explain it in about 15 minutes or less!
  • I will have a section for bullet points and you can use them in whatever order you want. 
  • Of course, there are many benefits to getting in early! 
  • Discounts on the monthly investment!
  • Longer period before the first billing cycle!
  • Guaranteed discounted rate for at least the next 3 years!
  • Being in early gives you (the business) an advantage of history in our site.
  • Having your own website page with all your information! 

Bullet Points!

  • We use rideshare drivers with our many different marketing materials to give to the passengers!
  • Currently doing around 2000 rides per month, with 1-4 passengers in each ride.
  • We train our drivers to explain about this platform.
  • And of course, they are recommend local businesses!
  • As we grow our members (businesses) we will increase our drivers to at least 10 with a monthly average of 4000-5000 rides.
  • Also, we will use facebook marketing and over time radio.
  • We want to make your business famous! LOL
  • We do have a limited number of spots based on business type and location! 
  • The marketing material has QR codes that send them to our landing page! 
  • We track QR codes, Website visits, and page visits.
  • As time goes on we will have a platform website that will get lots of organic visitors! 
  • Because of the fact that our website has been live since 2006/2007
  • All the different business types.
  • The constant updates and changes to the site.
  • And of course all the traffic it will be getting 

Don’t forget after you show them the details and if they are interested, then let them know about our ad on’s!

  • If they sign up, let them know about our optional search campaign for their business. It targets their business directly to their page. 
  • We can target their location area, by a radius of 10 miles or whatever.
  • Most businesses understand that most of their customers will be close to them! 
  • The price is 199 and we will do a custom Google search campaign.
  • Based on the fact someone online was searching for their type of business, and they have a nice page with their details, and an offer of a discount, increases the odds of them getting some business! 
  • It doesn’t take long to pay for itself! 
  • I usually ask, how many transactions or sales would it take to cover the cost or make a profit based on 199 a month. 
  • This is in addition to the basic program, which is necessary to be in the advanced program!
  • Another option could be a custom video or their video on their page. 
  • We will list all customer (members) videos on our YLS YouTube channel for more exposure.
  • I don’t have a price yet on a custom video, but it could be around 499