Sara has over 25 years of experience, specializing in relaxation and deep tissue massage and difficult-to-fix issues. 

Relaxation Massage

Settle in from your day with a relaxation massage. Using a combination of gentle stretching,  movement, pressure and kneading Sara’s intuitive Swedish massage is something you’ll tell your friends about.

Deep Tissue Massage

Her specialty is massage.  With over 5 years of clinical experience in Chiropractic offices and over 20 years in private practice, Sara has mastered her approach to pressure. Whether it is neck and shoulders from sitting at your computer, lower back, or sciatic pain, you will find relief.


Here’s what others say: 


“I had a wonderful experience with Sara… She has a calming, grounded energy and really

seemed to care about my experience. Can’t wait to go back.”


“Hands of the Gods/Goddesses. And elbows, too. Life is better, walking is easier, and PT is more effective after a session with Sara”


“I had a fantastic massage this week. Sara took my request at heart and provided the most relaxing massage that I’ve had in years. Definitely recommended.”

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