Special going on right now! Not 499 a month, not 299 a month! Only 149 a month! Guaranteed for two years!

If you want to save even more, you can lower your monthly investment to only 125 a month, by paying for the year in advance.

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Why you should become a member of our marketing program?

Updated 08-07-2023 

  • We use the best form of marketing (word-of-mouth recommendations!)

  • We guarantee at least 1000 word-of-mouth recommended exposures each month! In fact, we do a lot more than that. We currently have 5 ride-share drivers giving out 300-500 rides a month on average. 

  • As we add more listings, we will add up to 10 total drivers passing out our marketing materials. 

  • Our ride-share drivers recommend our business members to their passengers in the form of different handouts.

  • Plus, each ride may have 1 to 4 passengers in each ride!

  • Just like all the social media apps, they grew by word of mouth!

  • Our drivers give their passengers a postcard-size information flyer and a pen, plus a promotional business card size hand out with QR codes on the postcards and business cards!

  • This is only the beginning! There could be 2000-5000 exposures each month sending people to our platform where they can see your business listing!

  • We originally valued this at 499 a month, but we decided to lower the price to only 299 a month!

  • We currently are offering a special for ONLY 149! per month with a 12-month agreement marketing campaign. There is a one-time start-up cost, that includes us building you a one-page landing page for your business and your coupon offer. It includes at least 45 + days before your first billing cycle! 

  • We will over time include Facebook, Google, and other marketing services to help spread the word about our platform for local businesses!

  • We build you a one-page website and your offer coupon for the new customer.

  • We can make minor changes to your page or offer throughout the listing if necessary. Up to 4 additional changes at no charge.

  • Your page can include your business name of course and pictures, address, hours of operation, and website links to your website.

  • If you have a restaurant, then you can have your menu there. 

  • All your contact information will be there. Hours etc…

  • Our goal is that you get more value than your monthly investment and that you would stay in for a long time because it works!

  • We officially started this campaign in June of this year 2023. ( This version of our marketing campaign is new, but we officially launched this site in 2006! )

  • We will limit some businesses in our platform, by location and business type!

  • Our goal is to make this platform a household name in Austin and the surrounding areas!

  • Get started now before your spot is taken!

  • SEO Info:  If you understand that term or not, it means Search Engine Optimization! There are many ways to make a website SEO-ed and some of those ways are going to make our site naturally SEO-ed! For example, our site is around 17 years old! Our site will have ongoing updates made to it, as we add new business members. All the different types of businesses on our site will also help with organic searches! All these things and many more that we will be doing will make our site organically searchable! Very powerful! 

  • Your Local Savings *  Dan Garrett  *  512-886-1555  Dan@YourLocalSavings.com

Benefits of listing your Local Restaurant or Business with us!
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Example of our post card handout flyer we give out to our passengers! 

This is a special offer for our Ride Share Recommendations Program! We use Ride share drivers to share and recommend our favorite restaurants and local businesses! We hand out to each passenger a marketing pen and other marketing materials, like a post card style flyer and business info card! We are currently limiting how many businesses we list in the Austin area. We only offer 1 spot for each category of Businesses per your area! Passengers are always asking us for Restaurant recommendations! This is an example below of post card size hand out we give to each passenger, a pen and a few business card size marketing materials to give to their friends and family!

A sample coupon below! Not the actual size. Actual size may vary per each business. The landing page will have a smaller more condensed coupon that customers can click on and then go to your custom landing page we build for you! 

Highlights of your benefits and what you get for your investment!

A thousand plus word of mouth recommendations each month!


The passenger gets: 

 Marketing Pen with link and information!

Color post card with QR Code and link and information

Access to Website page (Yours)

Driver Recommended

Limited number of Businesses per area